Sleep is like gambling....

What if we told you sleep was no different to putting a bet on the grand national? If you really want to win a bet(like you want to sleep) your probably going to pick the horse with the best how do we make your odds of sleeping better?

When you go to bed your brain doesn't recognise it as 'bed' it's just another place. Here's a list of things many of us do in bed(particularly working from home is now the norm):




-Watch TV

-Talk to partner


-Go on phone

-Play video games

-Maybe one more.....

So straight away you have 9 possibilities when you get in bed...9/1 odds of sleeping. Not the best is it?

Suddenly if we limit that to 2/3 choices(easily enough done) we can shorten our odds to 2 or 3/1.

Get those sleep gains!

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