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What to do when you lose your love for the gym...

Look, as much as we would love to be motivated and enjoy our training all the time it just isn't realistic.

99% of people reading this are not pro athlete's.

This means we have other things in life be it kids, work, social settings or just other hobbies that will trump training from time to time.

We train literally hundreds of people who have either never found a gym they enjoy or fell out of love.

Now tip 1 is obviously to make sure you are at the right gym (Elevate98 cough cough) but here I am going to share some tips on how you can reignite your love within the same space.

Number 1- Change the time and/or days you train.

Such a simple fix but I have seen it motivate many a person. Simply going before work if you normally go after (or vice versa) can help be the catalyst to enjoying the gym again. It also likely means you see new faces and try new classes!

Number 2- Speak to a coach.

We have loads of members who go through lulls and typically a 20 minute conversation with myself or one of the team is enough to set some new goals and talk through their issues.

Number 3- Set a goal/Book an event.

Hyrox is all the rage for the simple fact it gives people something to train toward and helps with adding external accountability (especially if you are doing pairs) but any competition or challenge can be something that gives you a boost.

Number 4- Buy some new gym clothes.

A little treat sometimes gives you the boot up the backside you need!

Number 5- Bring a friend.

Friends, family and couples who gym together tend to be WAY more consistent due to the fact they have someone beyond us the coach checking in on them.

We also utilise this with things like our Fat Loss Accelerator. Like minded people help push us along.

Anyway those are my top tips but let me know if I have missed anything you do to get yourself out a training rut?

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