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5 Tips on not feeling like an Egg this Easter Monday.

1- Don't beat yourself up or say you 'f****ed it'.

Language matters and telling yourself you are a failure or beating yourself up isn't helping anyone. Also life is far too short not to make the most of having an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast.

2- Set the tone with your first meal.

The first meal today can really get you back in the groove or just elongate that period of feeling rubbish. Make sure we try and pick something high in protein and nutritious.

I will be going for greek yogurt with some fruit to help me on my way.

3- Get a workout or walk in.

For some of us we may have slightly more time today than a normal Monday and the weather is hopefully looking okay. Get out for some fresh air or a gym session and you'll feel 100x better, we have sessions running all day!

4- Reset your vision.

This time of year tends to be a good time to assess what is going well and what isn't in all areas of your life but in this example for health and fitness.

It't the end of Q1, a potential holiday season and the clocks change.

What has been going well, what hasn't and are you on track?

If not give me a shout I am always here to help with some good old goal setting!

5- Don't weigh yourself and if you do....

Keep in mind that you haven't put on 4kg of fat over a weekend, it is simply water retention and once you revert to your conventional diet most of it will have disappeared by this time next week.

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