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Investing In Yourself....

I'll be honest.......for the first few years of my Personal Training career 'selling' myself to people was my least favourite aspect of the role. Even now the thought can make my skin crawl. I have however became much more comfortable for the reasons Im about to discuss.... I'd be willing to bet that as a percentage of income there are very few(if any) gyms over Scotland who can match us when it comes to investing in ourselves and our education. As I sit in the airport ready for another course I reflected on the last 13 months: Brighton, Worcester, Farnborough x2, New York, Ireland, Warwick, Glasgow, Tottenham, Algarve. This is the list of places I have either been to gyms/courses. Beyond that we have invested over £12,000 in the last year alone on courses and mentorship for myself and the staff. This is before you even get to the investments we have made in equipment and the gym space. Why do I say this? It sure isn't to show off, however we pride ourselves on being real and relatable to you guys. Times are tough at the minute with the cost of living, I paid £15 for 2 coffees and 2 cakes the other day!!!! Most of us are probably being a little more careful with our buying decisions and rightly so. However whether you are on the fence of joining or indeed currently do invest in us be it memberships, merchandise, online etc(we are eternally grateful for you guys) you can rest assured that while we are nowhere near perfect we do try our very best and will continue to do so until the day we close our doors. Elevate Your Life

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