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My favourite acronym at the moment (and I only just realised they are also a rockband).

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Many of us (myself included) can get really carried away with all the intricacies of the modern worlds health and fitness trends:

-Should I spend 3 or 5 minutes in the ice bath?

-How often should I do Zone 2 cardio for?

-Should I fast?

-Should I take my greens first thing or during the day?

While at some stage these things MIGHT be relevant, mostly they are overkill.

This thought was actually inspired by a business strategy session I did last week.

I broke our business down into 4 areas:

-Coaching being top drawer.

-Building community.

-Building the team.

-Telling people we exist and bringing them into the business.

There are literally thousands of things I've picked up from books and podcasts that could improve the business but if we do these 4 things savagely well every week things will move in the right direction.

Similar in your health and fitness journey:

-Get outside and hit a decent number of steps.

-Strength train 2-3x per week.

-Manage calories and hit a decent level of protein.

-Elevate your heart rate.

-Try and get a decent sleep

Do these things for a long enough time (this is the key) and you won't go far wrong.

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