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Gymdependence Day

So today, the 26th of April, marks the day those of us in Scotland FINALLY return to the gym.

I have just finished a morning of coaching here ate Elevate98 and boy is it good to have our members back.

You will see lots of coaches on social media pushing the 'ease yourself back to it' message. Now while I agree and our programming will be extra sensible for the first week or two this doesn't mean you have to be ultra cautious.

Here's 3 ways you can manipulate intensity in exercises to make them tougher or easier:

1: Tempo- Really slowing exercises down and working on the tempo we move at can dramatically change how an exercise feels. Next time you squat try lowering yourself to the count of 3 and see how much tougher it is.

2: Pause Reps- Adding a pause into a movement can also change the dynamic of it. A bench press with a 2 second pause at the chest will really help to nail positions and form.

3: Weight- Finally we can adjust the amount of weight we add to the bar. As we return to gyms this is the last variable Id introduce in huge volume. Nail positions and tempo's first so we earn the right to load the bar.

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