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Energy Balance

Nutrition, more specifically energy balance.

Energy balance is THE way to control fat loss or muscle gain.

Every one of us has a BMR(Base Metabolic Rate).This is the number of calories

required to keep your body functioning at rest.

To lose weight from this point is simple. Once you have your BMR and multiply it by

how active you are(calculator to do this attached at bottom of email) losing or gaining

weight is relatively simple.

If you want to lose weight you eat roughly 250-500 calories below your BMR while if you

want to gain weight you eat 250-500 above this. Lets take a Female who has a BMR of

1500 for an example:


-500(CALORIE DEIFCIT)=1000 Calories per day.

3500 is roughly 1LB of fat. This means you'll lose roughly 1LB of fat a week doing this


Now of course this isn't easy and there's more to it than this but its a good place to start.

Well touch on food more in the next few blogs.

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