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NMAM or Never Miss A Monday....

What exactly does this mean? Now as you know army bootcamp style couldn't be further from who we are or what we believe in.

The idea fitness has to be all encompassing and brutal, while taking over every aspect of your life, is outdated IMO.

That said, a Monday is a great opportunity to really kickstart your week and get ahead of it.

We've all been there, a few too many drinks at the weekend, a Sunday night takeaway and the dreaded early start means we start the week flat and deflated. Now, there is nothing social about working out or eating well on a Monday however in my opinion mentally and symbolically it can make a huge difference to the set up of your week.

Getting that first workout ticked off and choosing Greek yogurt over a McDonalds breakfast in themselves aren't game changing however it gets your first 'win' of the week in nice and early.

Some actionable tips for this:

-Pre book something in. Chances are if you wait till Monday morning to organise the gym or healthy eating your much more likely to sack it off.

Avoid this by booking a gym class or getting a friend to commit to going with you, holding you accountable!

You could also do your food shop midweek while you are more motivated than a Sunday afternoon.

-Stop Scrolling!

Mindless scrolling on social media isn't good at anytime but I find that on a Monday in particular it does me no favours whatsoever.

-Take a single step.

Want to move forward in an area of your life? Do something about it. Again one simple action can start an avalanche. For me:

Business- Sending this Monday morning email(even though we get some unsubscribes haha).

Personal- Getting out for a walk before 10am, fresh air does me the world of good!

Fitness- Always get a big workout in on a Monday.

Relationship- If work allows Christie and I try and have breakfast together, failing that well always eat together.

Are any of these 'Big' things? No, however they do get me small wins that can start an avalanche.

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