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You can do anything you want you just can't do everything...




-Summer holiday body

-Building muscle

-Improving longevity and health

-Half/Full marathon

-Training for sport

These are just some of the things our members hope to achieve this year.

Pretty vast list isn't it?

I am here to tell you that most of you could do ANYTHING on that list*

The problem we run into is you can't do EVERYTHING.

This is an area I have personally struggled with before. Take it from me, simultaneously trying to PB Hyrox, jump in the odd fitness competition and cut body fat do not tie together seamlessly.

We need to have 1/2 priorities in our training at any one time so we can really push the needle on these.

That isn't to say we can't have secondary focuses. Many of our members are doing Hyrox as a second goal behind building strength.

Just remember we can help you do most of these, just not ALL of these (at least at once).

*While you 'can' do any of them it doesn't mean you should. Remember for most of us longevity is the aim of the game. Training is a lifelong thing not a 6 month sprint where you break yourself.

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