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Would you do anything for loved ones?

I'm sure many of you are nodding profusely in answer to my header.

Would you do anything for your loved ones?

You would, I'm sure of that. Your good people after all if you're involved with Elevate98 in any capacity;)

I am the same, the photo above is me and a lot of my closest family including some who, sadly, aren't here with us anymore.

The reason for this email is that two of the BEST things you can do for your loved ones in my opinion are:

1-Be selfish with your time occasionally.

2- Look after your health.

The first one we've talked about before and I'm sure will come up in future emails so I'll focus on the second.

Will you stay/get healthy for your loved ones?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Surely you want as long as possible with these people and In a physical state that you can still do the activities you want to do with them?

Okay Im young but I know I want to be able to play football with my brother, help my dad with the gardening(okay maybe not) and carry my mum and girlfriends ridiculously overpacked luggage for them on holiday for as long as possible.

This is before you even get to kids which I know will be an even bigger motivator for some of you.

30-60 Minutes out your day 2-4 times a week for most people is achievable and science tells us just how big an affect this can have on your quality and length of life.

This really hit home for me last week when I suffered my first(covid apart) illness in a good 2 years+.

​​​​Not being able to exercise, get a walk and fresh air and eating outside my usual routine genuinely made me feel half the human being I was before.

Improve your quality of life and spend longer with loved ones. You know it makes sense.​​

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