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Why you SHOULDN'T join Elevate98...

I am waiting until next week to write a blog on why you should join Elevate98 (as well as some exciting news) but I thought that in the interest of balance I would write an article about some people we aren't for.

1-You only want to do cardio.

We have engine and hybrid our two signature cardio classes but these are to support our Small Group Personal Training sessions which are strength focused.

We aren't just another 'class' where you sweat and don't build any strength.

2-You don't want coached.

We will coach and help members through workouts, you aren't just left to your own devices here!

3-You don't want to socialise at all.

Now it is absolutely not the case that every member chats as much as the next. We have a range of personalities in the gym however if you want to have headphones on and ignore the world we may not be the right place!

4-You don't want to invest.

Again we don't lie or hide anything, we pride ourselves on being transparent. Our gym is not the cheapest offering in town. We believe (and have research to back this up) that it is the best value for money but again if you aren't in a position to invest then we may not be right.

5-You want an army bootcamp.

We train real people to real results we don't starve members or run them into the ground...

6-You want 24 hour access.

We have one of the most comprehensive and varied timetables in the Edinburgh fitness scene but we do close at 9pm!

Anyway, enough of putting people off our business! You won't find many businesses as honest about their flaws!

Keep an eye on next week for all our good points (I'm really hoping it's more than 6!).

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