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Why you SHOULD join Elevate98.

So last week I wrote an article on why Elevate98 might not be the place for you.

Today I am going to tell you all the reasons that we are amazing...

You have been warned!

-Every session is coach led.

Whether it is our personal training sessions or our classes we always have a coach leading the session. This means you have a plan, someone keeping you right with technique and you don't have to use your brain to think of what you should be doing.

-Everyone says hello!

Something you'd think is a given but actually doesn't ring true at many gyms. We know every member by name (and we know their pets names too).

When you come in you are always greeted by a friendly and enthusiastic coach to ensure you are in the right vibe for the session.

-Our kit is new, varied and well maintained.

I'd argue that you will struggle to find a gym in Edinburgh that is constantly evolving when it comes to equipment like us. We are always reinvesting and when kit does break my dad is on hand to ensure it is fixed quickly! (He is our unofficial maintenance man).

-We have no mirrors or key codes to get in...

We try and remove the things people dislike about normal gyms.

-We run lots of fitness and social events.

It sounds cringe and overdone but we do genuinely have such a strong community. It isn't over the top or in your face but so many members become friends through the gym and do things as wide ranging as coffee dates, fitness competitions or business deals together.

-Our staff are always learning and evolving.

We have a 5 figure budget every year for coaches CPD. Between the team we have university graduates, breath work certification, sleep coaching qualification, nutrition degrees and that's before we even get into the fitness and gym stuff!

-You are challenged in a nice way.

Not a session goes by where one of the coaches won't ask if you can go a little heavier or push more (provided it is safe to do so)! We regularly believe in members even more than they believe in themselves which makes such a difference.

-We offer nutrition help but you don't have to use it.

We run our Fat Loss Accelerator 3-4x a year but it is totally optional! This means you can use it at the right time for you (and of course the coaches help tell you when this may be).

We are also running our very first Muscle Gain Accelerator later this year which is super exciting!

-Our Timetable.

Through research we can confidently say we have the best and most varied timetable of coach based gyms in Edinburgh.

Being open 6am-8/9pm Monday-Thursday and open all weekend means you have so much choice.

We also regularly cap newcomers if sessions are getting too busy so members can get into sessions.

Of course it isn't perfect but we are very confident it is as good as anywhere in Scotland!

To be honest I could keep writing for hours but I think I'll stop here. Over the last 3 years we have created something truly unique where people progress in a safe and most importantly enjoyable atmosphere.

The gym is regularly the best part of our members day.

You don't just have to take my word for it either (I know I may be just a little biased). We now have well over 60 5* reviews from members so you can see that we practice what we preach!

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