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Why Elevate98 2.0?

So as many of you know we have taken on a HUGE project.

After 3 and a half years we are moving from our beautiful home to a new space!

As you can see the space needs a lot of work (thankfully we have made lots of progress since this picture and it's looking better everyday).

So the real question, why the move?

Lot's of people have been asking why we would move from somewhere that has allowed us to build such a thriving community and helped hundreds of members achieve incredible results.

Here are just some of the reasons:

  1. Better layout (and more space).

  2. Allowing us to have a community space and chill out area.

  3. More car parking.

  4. Bigger variety of classes.

  5. Higher ceilings.

  6. Ability to host our events like games day much easier (and allowing us to do some new and exciting events).

  7. Closer to the city centre.

  8. Ability to expand the space with avenues like physio or masseuse.

  9. Allow members to not feel as cramped at peak times.

  10. Bigger and better bathrooms.

I mean I could go on all day but I think 10 reasons is more than enough to start with!

Of course this has to work for us commercially, we are a business after all and we would never lie and say that has played no part in the decision.

However the number one priority was finding a space that would allow us to improve the service for our current members before we even consider fitting in more people.

(Indeed for the first 4-6 weeks we will move over with current members only and not allow new joiners).

We truly believe we have built and industry leading coaching product and community and we now have a physical location to match.

Watch this space for the updates on what it will look like!

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