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Who are the most observant people?




For some of us possibly…

Friends when they sense you are in a new relationship?

We all have friends who double up as a spy haha…

But I don’t think ANY of these answers is right.

I think it’s kids

Now I don’t have kids yet but I’m getting to an age where my friends kids are getting a bit older and my sister actually had a wee boy a few months ago.

They are smart little buggers aren’t they?

They copy us and don’t miss a trick.

I remember being younger and noticing EVERYTHING my mum and dad did or said.

If they said I was getting a sweet when I went home you best believed I remembered that no matter how quietly they whispered it to one another.

So why don’t we set the best example we can for them and show us being proactive in looking after our health and wellness via working out, eating well, sleeping enough, having positive relationships and being positive and upbeat when we can!

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