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What would your future self do?

Such a simple idea yet one I have found to be so powerful.

When faced with any kind of decision try using the framework of what your future self would thank you for.

The first step to this is of course having at least some idea of what that looks like. For our clients running through the Fat Loss Accelerator(and already doing some great things) some of their goals are:

-Lose weight.

-Become healthier.

-Have a better relationship with food.

-Understand calories and nutrition better.

-Sleep better.

-Have more energy for workouts.

-Become more active.​

So let's take ​​​​​​a couple of these as examples. If my goal was to be more active I probably create a picture in my head of a 6'2 jacked and tanned greek god(oh wait it's me writing not Mikey) however regardless of who has this goal in practice it probably looks like someone who:

-Takes the stairs instead of the lift.

-Doesn't drive if a journey is under 5/10 minutes.

-Goes to the gym 2-4 times per week.

-Goes long walks at the weekend/when they have more free time.

This is basic I know. Despite this you'd be amazed how much having this framework and forcing yourself to think in this way actually helps. It also helps create this idea that you aren't just doing hard things(typically things that move the needle towards a goal aren't that easy or you would have already done them) for the sake of it but their is actually a higher purpose.

When it's raining and I decide to walk to the shops I amen't just doing it for the sake of getting my steps in but to work towards this vision I have of myself being leaner, healthier and able to keep up with the kids 10 years down the line.

As with many of the concepts I discuss this can of course be used in many other areas.

The thing that inspired my to write this email was actually a decision I faced myself. It was gym related and my framework was 'would the guy that runs the best Private gym business In Scotland worry about this?'

I know...makes me sound a right d**k and I'd never normally admit that but it actually helped me massively with the decision and potential stress that would come from it.

I thought as well as my usual Monday morning motivational nonsense I'd also start sharing a couple of updates from the world of Elevate98:

1- Mikey, Capesy, Sean, Sarah, Linsay, James, Marcus, Joel and Nizzy are all competing in a fitness competition next Sunday(25th September) at Crossfit House Of Wolves In Livingston. Entry for spectators is free and we'd love to have as many of you along as possible.

2- We have Yoga!

After a long stint trying to find a time and instructor we now have Yoga on the timetable. It started last Tuesday and was a massive hit. If the first month goes well we may well try and add another slot.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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