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What won't you give up?

What a day Saturday was! These legends took part in our Super Saturday Hybrid before many more of you came to the open day.

It was actually whilst chatting to members and eating my (second) burger I came up with this weeks email topic.

'Decide first what you just won't give up.'

Now Im sure this is probably quite unfamiliar to a lot of you, after all the way we start our fitness journey is by deciding what we're going to give up right? Not in our opinion.

When embarking on a journey, particularly if it's fat loss, it's worth looking at the things you want to keep at all costs first.

For example if I sat down with some of our members who were keen to lose some weight they may be willing to give up their biscuit with a cup of tea while working and their Wednesday night meal out but that Friday morning coffee and cake and Saturday's glass of wine are a no go.

For myself I could easily be 3/4kg lighter but the enjoyment I get from my pastries and coffee's means that (at the minute) it's not worthwhile to me.

There are 3 main reasons this approach works:

1-: It gives you moments of enjoyment and release​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​:

​​ If you know you are still keeping some of your favourite things as part of your diet then you are much more likely to adhere to it the rest of the week.

2- It naturally adds an element of 'realism' to your goals:

​​​​ You may come in all guns blazing and say you want to overhaul your life and weight but you also want to keep your weekly takeaway, have a chocolate bar a day and keep having full fat milk in your coffee.

There is nothing wrong with either approach but it then forces you to make some compromises on both sides.

3- ​​​​Set's a time frame:

Similar to above if you want to achieve a more aggressive goal like losing a stone in 6 weeks the nature of the beast dictates you aren't going to be in a position to keep as many of these things in your diet. However if we push the time frame to 3 months to lose that same stone chances are we have a bit more flexibility in what we can include.

I have obviously used weight loss/food as the example for this but it also works in different areas of life.

For me, no matter how busy or stressful work is training is a non-negotiable. Even on my busiest weeks I will carve out 3 lots of 45 minutes to an hour to train.

Recently I have also tried to make 7 hours of sleep one too- this is a work in progress.

The training example may seem crazy to those of you with kids and commitments, imagine putting aside that much to train on a 'bad' week.

While I am full of empathy for you (and realise you definitely can't train as much as me) you'd be amazed how much more time you can make when you use the 2 Ps:

Plan and Prioritize.

When setting up my weekly calendar I try and plan my time first. A couple of training sessions, time for a few walks and time to read means I am a much better human.

It's probably a subject for another email entirely but I actually think this is a seflLESS thing to do. The better you are within yourself the easier it is to give more to your partner, kids, friends etc.

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