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What We Offer?

Sick of having no plan when you enter the gym? Keen to get results as efficiently as possible while(whisper it) actually enjoying the gym? We design our gym around you to get maximum results. A totally non-intimidating, friendly and welcoming environment where real people get real results.

Whats included?

Expert Welcome Session:

An initial 1-1 welcome session to ensure we know your strengths and weaknesses and can welcome you into the gym. This also includes a chance to have a shot on our InBody machine. Sick of the scales not showing the difference you feel? Time to change that. Our InBody gives lots of data including muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat and advice on how many calories you should eat. This gives you a fuller picture of where your at and what we need to do.

Personal Training:

12 small group personal training sessions all focusing on your goals in a fun and safe environment((link to why SGPT blog).

Unlimited Classes:

Compliment your smaller, more personalised SGPT sessions with our larger style team training classes. Get a sweat on, move and have fun. This means you can attend more often(one of the biggest issues with PT is going to the gym in between sessions normally) thus maximising your results.

Nutritional Support:

Get access to our 30 monthly recipes, takeaway guides, on demand lifestyle, sleep and nutrition videos aswell as advice from our staff.


Very much a ‘buzzword’ at the moment and something a lot of people say without acting on it. We however pride ourselves on making Elevate98 a fun, enjoyable and safe place to get fit and that comes from both the members and staff.

Wow Pack:

Your very own Elevate98 wow pack upon joining.

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