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What Is Small Group Personal Training?


What actually is it? It's our core product and something we bang on about all the time on social media but we still often get people asking us what exactly it is.

Small Group Personal Training is as it says on the tin- Personal Training In Small Groups. Our big thing with SGPT In our place is that it isn't a 'class', of course there will be similarities in the way people train however it won't just be cut and paste to everyone that's in the session.

Some of the main advantages are:


For any of you that have had any sort of 1-1 service in the past be it Personal Trainer, Hairdresser, Masseuse or whatever else will know that (generally) the better they are, the busier they are which will mean there is far less flexibility for session availability. Life comes up for all of us which means having the ability to pick different sessions and times each week is a massive advantage to small group PT.

This works for us on an easy to use online booking system.

Cost Effective:

This is probably the biggest benefit to SGPT. Good quality(or In some cases not) Personal Training is unfortunately rather expensive. In Edinburgh an hour long session can cost upwards of £50 a session, at Elevate98 our average session works out at £20 or so, all while giving In our opinion as good a service as 1-1 and not losing out on the quality of coaching.


No one wants to hear the C word anymore but if the last 2 years have taught us anything it's that human interaction is so important.

The normal 'commercial' gym can be a very intimidating and scary place........and that's for me a qualified Personal Trainer!

However in our smaller and intimate group the enjoyment factor is much higher than people expect, it's a sociable experience as everyone is in the same boat of getting coached rather than thinking they know best and in fact often distracts from how tough the exercise is (until the finisher, no good chat can cover that up haha).

FAQs about SGPT:

Do I have to be fit to start?

Absolutely not! Lots of people are worried that others in the group will be way fitter than them and they will feel out of place. This couldn't be further from the truth. The whole idea of SGPT is that we can personalise not only the exercise selection but also the intensity to 'meet people where they are at' on their journey.

I have Injury/health Issues:

Again this is something we can and regularly do cater too. Our gym is set up to allow flexibility and variety depending on someones goals and/or injuries.

It won't be personalised enough to me:

Look, we aren't saying for one minute there is no place for 1-1 PT as there absolutely is. However if you find a good quality coach you would be amazed how subtle differences in exercise/positioning etc can make to your experience.

So if you feel like SGPT is something you would like to try out drop us an email or a message on social media and we would be happy to recommend someone in your local area:)

Socials- elevate9.8

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