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What factors Impact you in the gym?

Come to do a workout and feel drained and exhausted? Typically for us 'everyday athletes' this isn't necessarily anything to do with our gym session.

1- Sleep.

Sleep is probably the single biggest performance affecting factor. A lack of sleep affects your energy levels but also impacts your perception of how tough something feels. Sleep deprivation can also impact our mental capacity to learn.

2- Stress.

A tough day at work stuck staring at a screen, an argument with our partner or leaving the kids fighting over who makes dinner can all add to how tough a session feels inside the gym.

3- Nutrition and hydration.

Drinking adequate water and having the right blend of protein, carbs and fats swell as our vitamins and minerals can make us feel good.......but the reverse is also true.

Get a minimum of 2L Water a day.

4- Hormones.

So if all of the above are impacted this can imbalance our hormones. This is also a big factor for woman with their menstrual cycle and how that affects training.

Now while a lot of these things can be improved upon this is our reminder to keep them in mind if you dont feel 100%....don't beat yourself up over it!

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