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Turf Games & Purpose

A huge huge huge shout out to this bunch of legends.

This weekend in London 8 of our members competed alongside coaches Begbie and Capesy at Turf Games London.

There were PBs, plenty sweat and hard work and I believe a fair few drinks afterwards!

Elevate98 'Old and bold' also managed a top 10 finish out 132 teams, an unbelievable achievement.

These members epitomise what we mean when we speak about the '9-5 athlete'. Do they work super hard in the gym 3-6 times per week and have an awareness of nutrition? Yes, absolutely. However they also probably have a takeaway a week, have days where they skip the gym and don't track every calorie religiously.

So how have they got to this point? In my opinion it is down to the fact they actually ENJOY the gym and set goals that aren't just aesthetic.

It's a simple fact that EVERYONE wants to look better, it's human nature after all. However having goals and motivators beyond what you weigh or how you look can be great for motivation.

Whether it's tough mudder, fitness events, marathons, race for life or something as simple as managing your first pull up setting that target is the first step to making it a reality.

Elevate Your Life.

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