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The uncomfortable truth about becoming fitter and healthier...

Becoming fitter and healthier really is something. It’s easy for me to forget as it’s a world I’m involved in every day but if we get it right it makes us:

-Feel better.

-Look better.

-Have a better quality of life.

-Age slower.

-Live longer.

-Have more confidence.

-Sleep better.

-More productive at work.

And probably way more I’ve forgot about.

Pretty impressive huh? I bet if I made a drug that could achieve even half of the above I’d be a f******g rich man!

So what’s the downside?

This is something you may have experienced without realising or you may be in the process of now.

It can change our relationships with friends, partners and family.

As we start prioritising different things it’s unfortunately a truth of life that this can have an effect on the people around us.

They may start saying you are different, that you’ve changed or even that you are boring haha!


It really depends.

Sometimes we are swinging a light on the insecurities they have within themselves be it body confidence, health difficulties or something else. You being proactive and taking action may make them feel uncomfortable in their presence as it’s a constant reminder they aren’t doing it.

It may be as simple as you just have different interests now. Their Saturday is a day session at the pub and yours is a session followed by a smoothie.

It could also be they weren’t a true ‘friend’ but more a drinking buddy or going out partner.

By the way I am not criticising the ‘other’ people in this example. It’s not that they are wrong it’s just that they are on a different path to us.

If you can drag them along? Great but don’t be worried if you shed a few relationships as well as weight along the way.

P.S. That’s why an environment like Elevate98 where you are with like minded people is so special:)

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