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The power of community.

What a day Saturday was!

Seeing almost 50 members come together for some fitness, food and an all round good laugh gives us genuine joy and pride at what we have been able to build at Elevate98.

For 99% of us you are never going to join a gym purely for community we know that.

Heck if you'd said to me 4 years ago the 'vibe' or community feel would be in the top 10 considerations for joining a gym I would of had my doubts.

Over the last 3 years however we really have seen what it can do.

From giving members confidence to be themselves and try things, finding them like minded people to take on challenges with or simply ensuring they have a laugh every time they come in a welcoming and progressive community really is a game changer.

We really are blessed to work with all the members each and every day.

If you want more info on how you can get involved book a free call or tour here:

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