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Stop just chucking it.

Let me paint a picture for you...

It's Saturday night. You've had a solid week of eating and training and are making good progress toward your goals.

You fancy a dominoes pizza (wouldn't be my choice but hey ho).

You instantly think 'I've messed up and went off track here'

So what do we do?

  1. Make ourselves feel guilty (which we absolutely should not do).

  2. We go overboard with what we order because we've 'ruined' it anyway.

In practice this is how this affects your fitness journey.

Let's say we've been in a calorie deficit of 400 calories per day Monday-Friday. By Saturday we will have created a deficit of 2000 calories.

This is no mean feat and would have us well on our way to achieving our goals.

Then our Saturday dominoes rolls around.

Instead of a regular pizza which would be maybe 1750 calories and fit into our allowance (we may go slightly over calories that day but we'll still be in a deficit overall) we think 'I've f'd it up' so get a 2250 calorie large pizza, 2 dips, some sides and chuck on a cookie for good measure.

Oh yeah, we then wash it down with a beer or fizzy juice.

Suddenly we've tanked 3500 calories and have knocked our whole weeks deficit off.

All because of a mindset shift...

*I am not food shaming. There are times you absolutely should go all out and enjoy stuff without calorie counting, all I am doing is making you consider the implications and how sometimes we do it for the sake of it.

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