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Social media is stopping you being proud of yourself.

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’

I’m sure we’ve all heard this before.

To be honest I change my mind every week on whether I agree or not.

I think there is arguments for and against it. I agree with the overall sentiment that we should run our own race but sometimes as humans having a benchmark can be handy.

If I ever come to a definitive opinion I’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime there is one comparison that is DEFINITELY worthwhile.

Comparing backwards with yourself.

While someone else’s lift may not be applicable to you what you lifted 12 weeks ago definitely is.*

I try and get in the habit every 3-6 months of going back through old photos and memories and think how far I have come on and how much I’ve progressed.

Whether that’s in relationships, fitness, work or even just the attitude I view the world with it is such a helpful exercise.

The thing that’s brought this article on is the amount of people who achieve something and say ‘I did this but …’

‘I did Hyrox BUT it took ages’

‘I got a personal best deadlift BUT it was only 50kg’

‘I lost weight BUT it was only 3kg’

Stop it!

You are doing amazing things so start giving yourself some credit no matter how much it may feel like small progress when compared to someone else on social media.

*While I think backwards comparison is super important it’s also important we remember context and stage of life while doing so. If 12 weeks ago we had a chilled time at work, the kids were at school and we were fighting fit that is very different to the Christmas holidays where the kids are off school running wild, there is illness everywhere and your eating is a bit out of whack.

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