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Make life and habits easy for yourself!

As we have discussed before motivation is a little bit of a myth. It comes in fits and spurts and it most definitely can't be relied upon to help us reach our goals year round.

With this in mind I'm going to share a random collection of thoughts on how to build habits that don't rely on motivation. For those of you who have taken my recommendation and read Atomic Habits some will be familiar!

1- Use Motivation.

'Motivation is a lot of rubbish, however make sure you use it!' Sean McKirdy 2022.

On a serious note while motivation is fleeting it does pass us from time to time. I like to use these spells when it does to 'tie myself' into commitments further down the line when I amen't motivated!

I'm sure we've all had that burst of endorphins post Elevate98 engine (and some anger towards Begbie's watch) but next time you have it why not go and book 5/6 classes and do your weekly food shop?

Once you have booked them your much less likely to cancel and makes it more likely you'll stick to the routine you want.

Then once you have booked get your clothes and gym stuff ready and in a noticeable place for your next session. Another seemingly small thing that adds up to making it a commitment.


2- Environment.

Watch too much TV before bed? Yet I bet for a lot of you your TV is directly facing your bed...

Too much screen time? Yet I bet your phone is almost always within touching distance...

Forget to book gym sessions? Yet I bet Instagram is easier to find on your phone than the app...

You get the point. Not all of these are fixable but at least give yourself the best chance.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ This goes for people too but that's a whole other email...

3- Habit Stacking.

Discussed before here but another simple way of creating habits and healthy commitments.

What do you do religiously every day/week.

I'd guess(hope) brushing your teeth is one for all of us. So why not book your gym/yoga classes or do your meditation or whatever the goal is directly before/after?

4- Put It In Diary(Bonus points for making it look pretty).

I diarise literally EVERYTHING. From when I'm going to have free time to when I spend time with certain family members I find it helps me keep on top of busy times.

I'm not saying you have to do this but I think putting time aside for different aspects of our life (and colour coding them so you can see the balance of different areas) can be a life saver for many.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful and which ones you will be trying!

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