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Lessons From High Performance

Elevate Blog – February

Well, we are now two months of the year through already. Fingers crossed the worst of Winter has been and gone and we can start looking forward to lighter mornings & nights and some warmer weather.

A couple of weeks ago me and Capesy attended the High Performance live show at the Queens Hall. The High Performance is a podcast presented by Jake Humphreys and Damien Hughes, it has been on the go since early 2020. It was probably the one that actually got me first into podcasts so it was great to have the chance to go see them live. If you haven’t listened to them I would recommend giving it a listen. In this blog I’ll briefly cover the main takeaways I took from the show.

Key Takeaways-

-Do the best you can, where you are, with what you’ve got

The very least we can do any situation regardless of where you are or what resources you have is do our best, sometimes it’ll be good enough sometimes it won’t be. But if deep down you know you’ve done your best there is nothing else you can do.

-Be like a candle

I really liked this analogy. It came from footballer Hector Bellerin. It meant when life is good the candles flame won’t get any bigger and when life maybe isn’t so good the flame won’t get any smaller. Regardless your flame will keep burning. So either way you keep ticking away and working hard.

-Comparison will rob your happiness

I think this may be the most important takeaway and most relevant in todays world. The social media driven world we live in has caused many of us to continually compare our lives to others. Even to people we don’t know (or like). We look at what others have and what we don’t have. Instead of being grateful for what we have we wish for things we don’t have. No matter what it is, there will always be someone out there that has something we don’t or is better at something than we are that’s just a fact. Accepting that we are all great in our own ways I’m sure can lead to us all being a bit more happy and content with ourselves.

-Practice kindness to yourself

I think this can relate to the previous point. Being totally honest this is something I even need to practice more. Why should we be kinder to ourselves? It can improve mental health as it reduces feelings of inadequacy. You’ll end up being kinder to others, you can become more understanding when you allow yourself the same courtesy. It should be said that reflecting on mistakes is very different from being unkind to yourself.

-Fall in love with the journey but don’t fear being lost

Whatever your journey, enjoy it. Fall in love with the process, I don’t think you need to have everything in life mapped out. The best things I feel are often things that come unexpectedly to us.

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