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It's not about where you are- Even if it's sunny Spain.

Yep that's right, even if your sunning it up abroad just now where you are isn't really important(at least as far as your fitness goals are concerned) it's all about where you are going.

For readers of Atomic Habits you'll have heard this before however it's worth repeating(if you haven't read I would recommend).

'Be more concerned with your current trajectory than your current results.'

Read that again.

Are you more concerned with where you are right now, be that body shape, finances, fitness etc or the path you are on?

So what does this mean? Well if you have recently started marathon training you probably aren't going to be marathon ready. However you are on track to do it on marathon day in 5 months time which is the goal anyway?

When you read it, it's common sense! However so many people instead would look at where they are right now and say things like 'i'll never be able to run a marathon'.

One of the goals this is most relevant to is Fat Loss. Just because you haven't lost weight this week doesn't mean you aren't on the right path to lose weight longer term but when people see they haven't lost weight in a certain time frame they 'Self sabotage' and stop doing the things that were putting them on track in the first place.

At the end of the day even if progress is slow it is progress. 6 months will pass regardless of whether you want it to(even if it puts you 6 months closer to a big birthday you are dreading).

In those 6 months it would be lovely to lose 3 stone wouldn't it? (If that's the goal of course).

However I'm pretty certain you'd be happier losing a stone than staying the same? 1 stone over 6 months is just over half a pound per week and I know a few of you who would be gutted and throw in the towel at that.

Focus on your habits not your results........the results will come once you focus on the habits!

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