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It's never too late to start if you plan on doing it forever...

'It's never too late to start if you plan on doing it forever'.

I saw this quote and I absolutely loved it. Whether you apply it to fitness, nutrition, changing jobs, investing or any other facet of life I found this really powerful.

This is particularly apt in reverse at this time of year. Are you going to radically overhaul your health and fitness between now and the 1st of January? For most of us the reality is probably not.

However if you have things you want to become new habits then why wait?​​

There are probably a few habits you have been keen to implement that this period may give you a chance to.

For a lot of us work will be a bit quieter, we will be more chilled out and have more days off.

If walking is something you are keen to do more of in the new year why not start​​​​​​ now while you can do it with friends or family with less admin needed to organise?

Keen to read more? Well you are now finishing work a bit earlier which means you have some free time in the evening.

As is common come January if you are keen to attend the gym more why not try and fit in a few daytime sessions when you are of work?

​​​​​​Now this is taken from the perspective of new habits but it's equally important for maintaining habits you currently have. You don't want to lose your walking habit 'just because it's Xmas' which an amazing amount of people do/say.

Building habits is the same as building muscle. You can't just do it for 3 weeks and expect it to stick around forever, you have to put the work in day in day out (or so Mikey tells me is how you get to looking like him).

Short and sweet today as I have spent a lot of time with Capesy this week so I'm a few brain cells down.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first ever Elevate98 Vlog of our road trip to Newcastle.​​​​​​

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