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Investing in yourself

I'm not the person to speak to you about Bitcoin or Crypto but I am going to speak about investing.

Rather than investing in the S&P 500 Invest in the S&ME 500...yep it's official I'm now making dad jokes.

On a serious note you've probably noticed the world is pretty bleak at the minute. Wars, COVID-19, Cost of living crisis and a lot more mean it's tough for most of us at the minute.

My email today is me very much relating to that pain. Myself and the team at the gym are the same as everyone in feeling the affects both personally and as a business. Our costs have went up both in the gym and in our homes.

I have also had a pretty rough few weeks with some personal stuff and at the tail end of last week decided to look at some of my spending pre Xmas as Im sure many of us do.

It probably won't surprise many of you that I spend over 10% of my personal income on 'Health and Fitness' not inclusive of Food shopping, after all it's something of value to me.

Despite this when I looked at cutting spending my various gym memberships, subscriptions and supplements were on the proverbial chopping board before I looked a little deeper.

Here are a few interesting facts for you:

-The average UK household spends £451 a year on Deliveroo per year (I am MUCH more).

-In 2019 the average spend on alcohol per person, per week was £7.28.

A bit of tough love compared to my usual style but where do you sit on this spectrum?

I think for most people being more wary of spending money on junk food and eating out, moderating alcohol intake and learning to socialise in different ways (walks, coffee, gym etc) will make a huge difference to not only your mental and physical health but will also make as much of a difference to your bank balance as cancelling your headspace subscription, gym membership or not buying supplements.

The other part of this is what investing in your health and can do for your income.

Even I, at times, view exercise as a sunk cost where as in reality it's an investment to your future self.

I don't know about you but I am a generally better human being when I am walking and getting fresh air, going to the sauna and working out regularly.

My mind is clearer, which in turn makes me more productive so I get more work done and maybe get a promotion...

So actually the exercise is earning you money? This is a simple way of looking at it but believe me the amount of times people have came to the gym and within a year earned promotion or a new job is unreal.

On top of that in simpler terms exercise stops you doing stuff which costs you money.

​​A fakeaway on a Saturday night is cheaper than ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​the real thing.

When I start training for the London marathon(dreading this) in the new year my long run will be a Sunday which means I will be a lot less likely to go out for a heavy drinking session on Saturday night.

As I say this email is absolutely not designed to be 'judgey'. I am the worlds worst for going out for dinner and waste plenty of my money. Life is made for living and holidays, good food and a roof over my head all come alongside or above exercise.

It's just maybe questioning the way you think about the cost of exercise.

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