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How to work out your calories

So now that we understand energy balance and we have an idea of how many we should be

eating a day lets delve deeper into how you split your calories(if this doesn’t mean anything to you check out our blog on energy balance).

We like to operate a very simple strategy. It is Calories-Protein=Carbs and fats.

Once we have our protein target(check out our protein blog to help figure this out, seeing a

theme yetJ) we can use this. Say we have a 70kg woman who’s protein target is 140g per day.

This may be broken into:

Chicken Breast- 30g

4 Eggs- 25g

Shake- 30g

Greek Yogurt- 20g

Salmon- 25g

This for example would be 140g protein and 850 calories(this isn’t correct its just an example) say the person in this example has a calorie target of 2000. They take away their 800 calories of protein so they are left with 1200 calories to split between carbs and fats.

How they split it up isn’t actually too important for MOST goals, particularly if your simply trying to change your body composition(tone or lose weight).

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