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Here are some alternative ways to know health is improving.

Am I losing weight?

Yes= What I'm doing is working so I should push harder (and inevitably crash and burn).

No= I need to change and go to X (new gym/new diet/new Steven Bartlett podcast method).

Now while you may need a change, there are some other markers we can look at to dictate health (as well as showing what these acronyms you see actually mean).

-Resting heart rate (RHR) Your heart rate going down while at rest is a good indicator that your aerobic fitness is improving.

-Heart rate variability (HRV) is up. This indicates your body is adapting to stress better (we shall do a full blog on this at some point). A low HRV can also show we are overtraining or about to get ill.

-Body fat is down. Measured on our Inbody machine this allows us to show clients body fat and/or visceral fat is down.

-Strength is up. You can either lift the same weight more often and/or lift heavier weights.

-You get up in the morning with less pain or more energy.

-You have more energy.

There are LOADS more but hopefully this shows some objective (measurable) and subjective (feeling based) metrics to see improvement that go beyond just weight!

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