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Have you ever considered becoming a Personal Trainer?

This is me 7 years ago when I started out as a Personal trainer.

(I look a lot more than 7 years younger haha!).

This was my first job in the industry at a studio gym doing 1-1 PT.

After 3.5 years of 1-1, employed work, online, working in a commercial gym, bootcamps and much more I came back round to this studio and took it over as the owner and founder of Elevate98.

Quite the full circle moment taking over the place you first worked!

In the 3 years since we have opened a new site at double the size, grown to over 200 members, hired 4 full time staff and helped over 40 people qualify as PTs.

Why do I tell you this?

Well the reality is that while this sounds amazing I actually faffed about for MONTHS before doing my Level 3 Qualification even though I knew it was the right thing.

In the end it took my mum giving me some cash to push me to doing it.

Look how that's turned out!

I was the same as you are right now. A little nervous, unsure whether it'll be worth the money, not knowing where to start if I did qualify and a chunk of imposter syndrome thrown in for good measure.

So with that in mind I have an open invitation to anyone who is on the fence.

Simply email me on and I shall give some guidance on where to start whether it's with us, elsewhere or even not at all!

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