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Fitness stocks and shares.

I was going to go with a punchy title about returns on stocks and shares or bitcoin to boost engagement but my creative mind isn't quite flowing at 6:30am on a Monday morning...

Most of us understand the idea of a longer term financial investement.

Typically this can be a stocks and shares account, a buy to let property or maybe something a bit more out there like art, watches or Bitcoin.

Now I am absolutely NOT here to give financial information but I do think these things open a window to view our health and fitness in a different way.

We understand when buying a flat to rent out that it is a long-term investment. It will likely take years if not decades to give you a return on your investment but that's okay because it's a long term play right?

You know what else is a long term play? Your health.

Consider this, the buy to let actually returns even better than expected and you have a big windfall 15 years later.

The kids want to go climb Everest as a bucket list experience and you have the money to pay but you don't have the physical capability...

An extreme example? Probably, however the point stands that your health and fitness is probably even MORE important long-term than our finances yet we continue to view them very differently.

I have taken to the idea that every session is a deposit in our physical pension ensuring our life looks as good in 20 years as it does now.

There is also another reason to view your health as an investment although this is a bit more out there.

What if investing in your health and wellness saves AND makes you money?

Think of it. You invest in a personal trainer at £200 a month but you cut out 2 nights out a month.

You save £60 on the night out (and that's going somewhere really cheap) and don't buy that £40 worth of takeaway the next day.

There is your £200 a month (and let's be real you are spending way more than that, if you hit up George Street £60 would be lucky to get you a round).

Okay okay so you understand that but MAKING money?

Well let's say that you went into work 90% of the time feeling more energised, better in your body and more confident.

What is the chances that over months and years that would translate to better work performance and in turn a better financial outcome (via promotions, more sales, getting work done in less time etc).

A bit out there? Yes but I truly believe (and I think we have some evidence within Elevate98 to back this up) that fitness can influence all areas of your life.

Your body is probably the best investment you can make.

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