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Build the habit, then find the intensity.

A cool and apt photo I'm sure you'll agree.

This mornings topic is ironic as it actually came to mind when I was discussing this very weekly email and blog with a member, I told her another quote I live by (I've got a few If you hadn't noticed).​​

'Build the habit, then find the intensity.'

Now, what does that actually mean? Well, when most people set a new goal they go out the blocks 100 miles an hour and try and complete the goal within a week as we've discussed before which usually* doesn't work and they end up back where they started.

As those of you who bother to read this and have been here since the start will know I started out with much less frequent, lengthy and deep emails. I then went from monthly(aka whenever I remembered) to biweekly, to weekly, to occasionally twice a week.

If I had jumped straight into once a week chances are it could have became overwhelming and I could have ran out of topics before I'd really got my creative juices flowing.

Instead I got used to putting time to write it in my diary, put aside time to brainstorm topics and whenever I was having discussions I had one thought on whether it would make for an interesting read.

In much the same way the depth and complexity of the emails has gone up. For both you the reader and I, if I'd went super deep on mindset and psychology fro​​​​​​​​​​​​​m week 1 I think It would have made me a lot less likely to write them and would maybe have lost some of you.

This applies to your health and fitness goals in a lot of ways.

Rather than trying to do everything week 1 on a fat loss goal instead:

Week 1- Bring an awareness to what you eat.

Week 2- Start tracking on notes/with pictures.

Week 3- Track on an app.

Week 4- Make noticeable changes to your meals.

Week 5- Start adjusting your snacks.

Week 6- Optimise nutrition around training and brain performance for work/life.

Week 7- Look at supplements.

Now that's an expedited and for a lot of you quite unnecessary example but you see my point. If you had went in on week 1 and tried to do all these things the chances are it would have got overwhelming before you had a chance to stick at all these things and actually reap the benefits.

Similarly I think for most people in the first 6-12 weeks of your training journey simply attending the gym 2-4 times per week is a win in itself before you even worry about what exactly your doing(unless you come to Elevate98 where we look after you of course:)

This topic leads me nicely to this weeks quote of the week:

'The direction you're going is more important than how fast you're travelling. Have the patience to make slow progress in the right direction. Long-term success is made in a slow cooker, not a microwave.'

*Regarding the asterisk above I am actually going to do an email soon on when quick and aggressive change can be good and more importantly how to sustain it.

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