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Breaking the cycle.

Another good social night in the bag.

A great night had by all however if you are anything like us staff then I'd bet come Sunday morning you felt a little tender and were maybe nursing a slight hangover.

This, coupled with the arctic temperatures, probably made getting out of bed and making good food or exercise choices that little more difficult.

We've all been there when we maybe feel a little down, work is stressful or we are lacking motivation and making good choices is difficult and we are stuck in a negative cycle.

You eat rubbish so you don't feel like exercising. Because you haven't ate well and aren't exercising it means you can't sleep. You therefore wake up tired so cancel your morning workout...I'm sure you get the point!

I myself go through this probably once or twice a year due to dips in motivation and then occasionally due to life circumstances.

I think the first step is realising what is happening. Contrary to popular fitness belief I think there is a time and a place for feeling sorry for yourself in certain situations however you need to find a way of 'breaking' that negative loop at some point.

For me I have three main things that break the negative cycle:

1- Going for a haircut.

Look good feel good right?

2- Doing a simple 30-45 minute cardio workout that requires zero thought.

(This clears my head better than lifting weights sometimes).

3- Going a long walk for a coffee and NOT buying a cake/pastry.

As you know by now I am fond of a cake with my coffee and there is nothing wrong with that. However I always find the ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​act of getting some fresh air and making a conscious healthy choice breaks that loop and kickstarts some positivity.

As you can see these things are quite specific and they are MINE. These will most likely not be your ones but do try and identify a couple of things that can break that negative loop when it inevitably arrives (a quick note is to accept it will happen to us all. I used to​​ struggle as I thought I was above having a negative cycle and thus was underprepared when it did happen. Life will kick you in the backside so just accept it and be prepared).

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