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All things January and new years resolutions.


We’re coming to the end of the first month of the year. From a coaches point of view its been so satisfying to see the gym with such energy and to see members doing swimmingly well throughout January.

Members and coaches together, we’ve been able to carry on that great atmosphere in the gym from 2021 into the new year. It has been our first January properly open as a business as last January we were in a lockdown and only able to do Zoom workouts. From a personal point of view it’s been good to see what a busy January working in a gym looks like. It is brilliant we now have Mikey on board full time. Compliments go to Sean, he has got me and Mikey to a point where he can go away for a few days in the busiest month of the year(he says it was a work trip but I think it was a holiday) and we are confident enough to run the gym in his absence with no hiccups.

A lot of people will start January off with good intentions, but coming to the end of the month and the first few weeks into February is normally when we start to see these good intentions begin to crack. Things like dieting and so on. December and January are the polar opposite. Naturally, we treat these months completely different. December we have that care free attitude where you over indulge in food and drink without a care in the world, probably even visit the gym less. Then when the 1st of January comes we are all super motivated to change things in our life we are not satisfied with (ie fitness, weight etc). We heavily restrict what we eat, probably attempt dry January and attend the gym much more. All while we get back into a proper working routine too. It's no real surprise to me that the last few days in the gym a lot of the chat from members has been “I’ve not had any energy this week” “I’ve felt so lethargic these last few days”. Although it’s with our best intentions it’s probably because we try change too much too soon with our resolutions and naturally that takes it’s toll on us physically and mentally.

If you google the most common new years resolution for the UK, you’ll not be shocked to see it’s health and fitness related, which then is no shock again that the most common new years resolution to be binned first is dieting.

I remember reading that motivation comes in 3 or 4 week spells, so its not a surprise that as we come to the end of January that diets start getting harder and making the gym might become harder too. You might not have those 6 pack abs or lost that 5 stone you thought you would in 4 weeks! You knock yourself for it. I think that’s why it’s so important to fall in love with the process, enjoy the gym for what it is. Do that and overtime results will eventually come.

I’m going to use Sean’s Dad (big man) as an example here, mainly because I know he won’t care that I have. Now this might be an exaggeration for some people but I think it can be related to a lot of us. I was recently chatting with big man, he along with some of his work colleagues have been getting gym sessions for a few months now. He said to me if he hasn’t lost a certain amount of weight by a certain date in February then he was giving up the gym and going back to eating what he wants when he wants. Unfortunately, it’s not a popular thing to say because it isn’t marketable in the fitness industry, but if big man thinks he can undo 30+ years of unhealthy living and solve it in 2 months in the gym then he’s mistaken. I think this is relatable to us because like anything in life we expect results yesterday.

I think it’s where we are slightly unique as a gym in the respect that I actually think people do enjoy coming to PT’s and classes (maybe not my classes…) . But if you can get to the point where you see the gym as something that is enjoyable and not a chore, when it comes to times when motivation levels are lower you’ll still be able to crack on and get workouts done.

Overall I think I speak on behalf of the team that its been a wonderful start to 2022. Really excited for February and hopefully we can continue to see progress across all our members in the gym. Big things are coming this year from us all, just keep chipping away!

Elevate your life.


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