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2 Years of Elevate98- 10 Lessons

The above was Elevate98 25 months ago.

Last week I celebrated two years open bed bound with Covid so this email is a week delayed.

I thought I'd share 10 lessons and thoughts that may relate to your fitness journey, career or even life!

1- 'Big' success is simply an accumulation of small daily actions repeated over time.

2- Most people overestimate what they can do in a day but underestimate what they can do in a year.

3- 'Success' doesn't taste as sweet if you have swayed from you values and what you believe in to achieve it.

4- Focusing on the process will always trump being obsessed with the desired end result.

5- Being a good person isn't a weakness.

6- Stop worrying about what society tells you is the right thing and start working out what actually matters to you.

7- Life will regularly kick you in the balls. Work damn hard with a purpose but be sure to never take life too seriously and have fun along the way.

8- That being around people who make you feel a better version of you is the single best investment of time and money you can make.

9- One of the best things we can do for a sense of perspective is to realise just how small and unimportant we are in the scope of the world sometimes.

'In 3 generations no one will even remember your name and your treating something like it's life and death'.

10- That being scared often means you are just about to grow to a place you didn't dream possible.

And a bonus 11th that may be the most important.

'You once dreamed of being where you are today'.

This one is something I really need to remind myself sometimes but it never gets any less powerful. A gym that is thriving with members and staff I adore is something that was beyond my wildest dreams two years ago. I don't stand still and take it for granted but I do try and step back and remember it.

Hope you enjoyed today's Ghandi impersonation, let me know if any in particular resonate!

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